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Digital Marketing

in Japanese HEIs

International Symposium 2022

 Friday, October 14, 2022 

Hakkaisan Brewery Co., Ltd.

Hakkaisan Brewery is situated at the foot of sacred Mt. Hakkaisan in Niigata, Japan. This region is famous for its deep winter snowfalls which can reach over 10 feet. Hakkaisan’s brewing water starts as pure snow and after being lightly filtered by the mountain soil, springs forth at the base of Hakkaisan Mountain. This soft, pure water from Hakkaisan’s dedicated stream is used in all aspects of production and is central to the unique quality and taste of Hakkaisan sake. Hakkaisan’s guiding principle is to produce sake of the highest quality that pairs well with food. The brewery uses handmade koji rice crafted in-house and also brews sake in small batches with a focus on slow fermentation at low temperatures. The result is a well-balanced clean and dry sake style called tanrei karakuchi, featuring a smooth texture, an elegant umami flavor, and a crisp finish. Hakkaisan’s sake is perfect to serve chilled or warm and pairs well with both Japanese food and the cuisines of the world.

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DAS / OpenClassrooms

We are a group of professionals that provide total production services for the expansion of cutting-edge overseas tech companies into the JAPAC market. We support the discovery of products that possess next-generation concepts and functions in the fields of advertising, data, education and recruitment, and Metaverse/Web 3.0, as well as their entry into the JAPAC market.

OpenClassrooms is a cutting-edge DX human resource development platform with more than 3 million monthly participants worldwide. We have developed a unique online program to develop the talented human resources required in the era of digital shift, and are supporting the DX promotion of many global companies.

Bringing people together and sharing digital marketing practices and common challenges in Higher Education Institutions (HEIs). 

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